woensdag, januari 18, 2012

Become Site owner in Alfresco 4.0

Alfresco can be quitte a challenge if you are new to it.
Some tasks that should be simple can be very hard to setup.
One of those issues can be handling a site where the owner (siteManager role) isn't in your company anymore or left the share site without appointing a new siteManager. In this case you are left with a site that nobody can handle.
To get ownership of the site follow the steps below.

I do this per alfresco documentation example.
1. Login alfresco explorer.
2. Create javascript under company home - script.

var site = siteService.getSite("SITENAMEHERE");

var authorityName = "YOURNAMEHERE";
var role = "SiteManager";

site.setMembership(authorityName, role);

3. Alter above to reflect the sitename you want to alter and your username.
4. Goto a random document and click details.
5. choose run action.
6. Execute script and choose the javascript you created above.
7. finish it et voila you are a siteManager of the site you want to and can manage it from alfresco share.

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